Numark Mixstream Pro Go Portable Party Package

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A truly portable DJ system with no need for mains power. Simply charge up the Mixstream Pro Go and Zziggy speaker and get your party started wherever you like. You can even tether the Mixstream Pro Go to your phone to access a huge library of music from one of the supported music streaming services.

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This package contains the following items:

  • 1 x Numark Mixstream Pro Go
  • 1 x ZIPP ZZIGGY Battery Powered Speaker
  • 1 x Numark HF125
  • 1 x 6m XLR to XLR lead

Mixstream Pro Go 100% Wireless DJ Controller

Mixstream Pro Go is a 100% wireless standalone DJ controller with built-in rechargeable battery, on-board speakers and Wi-Fi music streaming. It features all of the professional DJ performace essentials with no need for a laptop as you can play direct from USB, SD card or a number of premium music streaming services. From bedroom to beach and from livestreaming studio to garden party, the Mixstream Pro Go is always ready for action so can now share yor mixing skills virtually anywhere. No wires, computers or existing music library required!

ZZIGGY Battery Powered Speaker

ZZIGGY is a new ALL-IN-ONE system ideal for uses that require easy portability combined with rich and powerful sound. A super functional speaker that is very easy to manage, thanks to bluetooth connectivity it can be controlled from any mobile device in a few seconds. The internal battery allows you to play music for hours in any context. In addition to wireless connectivity, there are 2 inputs to which any source, be it microphone, line or high impedance, can be connected.


One place a DJ can’t compromise, is in how they hear their mix. The Numark HF-125 headphone set delivers the goods with flexible 7-position independently adjustable dual ear cups, large 40mm Mylar speaker drivers, 6’ tangle-resistant cord and padded headband and ear cups.

6m XLR to XLR signal lead

This is a high quality balanced microphone/audio lead for exceptional sound quality and reliability. High grade cable comprises 2 insulated pure copper cores and global shielding. The durable PVC sheath has a soft texture and is reinforced with cotton cord to avoid tangling. Terminated at one end with a male XLR connector and at the other end with a female XLR connector.