KRK Rokit RP103 G4 & 12SHO Package

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This package contains the following items:

  • 2 x KRK Rokit RP10-3 G4
  • 1 x KRK 12sHO Subwoofer
  • 4 x 6m XLR to XLR lead

Rokit RP10-3 G4

Featuring matching 10" woofer, 4.5" mid-range and 1" tweeter all made from Kevlar tweeter, this 3 way speaker ensures the same sonic integrity on every frequency, minimising listening fatigue. These high end components are built into a low resonance enclosure with front'firing port and Iso-foam decoupling pads for improved clarity. The RP103 G4 is a tri-amp active speaker and powered by built-in efficient Class D amps and also features onboard LCD with DSP-driven EQ.

12sHO Subwoofer

The KRK12sHO powered subwoofer is the perfect High Output choice for professional studios, where ultra-accurate bass extension and maximum sound levels are required. Powered by a massive 400 watt amplifier and a strengthened version of KRK's signature Kevlar woofer, the KRK12sHO is the no-compromise way to hear what is happening in the depths of your mix. Subwoofers allow you to use smaller main monitors, make it possible to monitor the essential low frequency range and can be a great solution for space-challenged control rooms or mixing environments.

6m XLR to XLR signal lead

This is a high quality balanced microphone/audio lead for exceptional sound quality and reliability. High grade cable comprises 2 insulated pure copper cores and global shielding. The durable PVC sheath has a soft texture and is reinforced with cotton cord to avoid tangling. Terminated at one end with a male XLR connector and at the other end with a female XLR connector.